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Bliss Anesthesia Group specializes in providing mobile concierge sedation and general anesthesia services for dental treatment providers in the greater Southern California region.

Our board certified dentist anesthesiologists are devoted to servicing patients the access to the convenience and safety of sedation and general anesthesia, right in the comfort of your dental office.

Whether there are extended or complex treatment plans involved, special disability needs, pre-cooperative age restrictions, physical ailments, debilitating fear and anxiety at the dentist, or any other issues that prevents you from providing or receiving high quality dental care, you came to the right place.

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We are all practitioners that trained at the same dental anesthesiology residency program at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, coincidentally within similar time frames. This shared experience help forge a strong bond rooted in high standards of care for our patients and discipline to serve. We have been able to consult and refer to each other beyond our training, allowing a conduit for us to share our expertise and proficiencies. We all share a common commitment for patient safety and are dedicated to adhere to a distinct moral code of ethics. We consider it a privilege when patients entrust us in their care.


Bliss Anesthesia Group strives to deliver safe and clinically sound anesthesia while providing an exceptional experience and service for dental practitioners and their patients.


There are many benefits when it comes to the use of a dentist anesthesiologist in your practice. Whether you have a complex and extended treatment plan, a special needs patient, or a patient with severe dental apprehension or gag reflexes, Bliss Anesthesia Group can provide an efficient operative experience that can potentially reduce the number of appointments down to even a single appointment! Avoid turning patients away and maximize efficiency by employing dental anesthesia services in your practice.

You can be rest assured that the patient is being properly monitored and safe while you completely focus on the procedure at hand. Develop your practice even further by increasing the types of procedures and patients you are able to see. The high expenditures of hospital operating room based anesthesia in the past have deemed it impractical and inconvenient to provide access to sophisticated techniques in anesthesia for dentistry. With the use of a dental anesthesiologist, an unparalleled level of safe and ambulatory sedation and general anesthesia can be delivered, right in the comfort of your own office. Bliss Anesthesia Group Team Members will provide all the equipment, monitors, and medications required. It is not an issue if you have never worked on an anesthetized patient before. We will explain every step and answer any questions that you may have along the way. Seeing patients under sedation and general anesthesia is preferred by many dentists as it creates an optimal and easy working environment that is very productive.

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